If I were in charge of the Anti-Trenchcoat Defamation League

I would definitely create some ads that show goth kids in trenchcoats like helping old ladies across the street and rescuing kittens from a tree or something.

You know so that people stop assuming that weirdos in trenchcoats are just capable of shooting up schools and shopping malls.


Guitar Tunings

Since I have a habit of forgetting these tunings, let me make a record of the tunings I have been using for my new songs:


No Name
When You Speak, It Is Silent

DADFCE (capo on 3rd fret)

The Great Extinction Event
If At All
Black Light Moon
Sanctuary In The Signal

Drop D

The Conduit
A Lesser Demon

Standard Tuning

A Time For Rust
The Echo Box
Remember, Remember


Spanish Song


Untitled New Song


Untitled New Song 2

Valentine's Day

What do you think of when you think "Valentine's Day?"

Because, to me, right now, Valentine's Day means stopping by the library on my way home and picking up a book about Jack the Ripper.

There could be irony there if you look hard enough but I doubt you would care if you did find it.


"25 Years Of Being Not Important"

I am constantly wondering these days what is good in this world about being a musician.

I'm 28 now and the desire to be some sort of revolutionary in the ways of guitar playing and sognwriting has really subsided and now my only real goal is to create. To prove that somehow, my music exists. I am not sure what purpose this serves and maybe my mind will change but right NOW this is what seems important even if the only person to hear it is me.

While we were on tour in Nashville, the owner of the club we played at, the Muse, let us watch a dvd of Overkill's performance there a week or so prior to our show.

Now I LOVE Overkill, much to the ridicule of my friends, so natuarally I took full advantage of watching them.

One thing I notice every time I see them live is that Bobby "Blitz" will always have some quip that he says that always gets to me. He doesn't just say random generic crap like most bands. I also doubt he spends alot of time thinking them up either. He just says what is on his mind and just like most of his lyrics, there is something interesting and unique to be found. I almost consider him a poet of sorts. Not all of his lyrics and quips are amazing(like most poets) BUT when he really gets going he really nails it sometimes. For reference see the lyrics to Skullkrusher.

So anyway at this show between songs he goes off on a rant about how Overkill was always kind pushed aside as being "not important" and then goes on to acknowledge the hundred or so people who paid to get in and said "well here's to 25 years of being 'not important!'"

And that phrase got to me you know? Here is a band who I am in awe of but who for the most part are overlooked and won't ever really get alot of attention paid to them when all is said and done and while for the egomaniacal musician out there this type of realization could make them want to give up, "Blitz" finds some kind of strength is this, a sort of full realization of his purpose and identity and has used this to continually work over the last 25 years. Other bands have come and gone and reunited and gone again but Overkill maintains.

It is like "Blitz" inadvertanly(or purposely) stumbled onto some sort of zen-like truth which he uses to manage his life and career and while I am sure the band is always looking to better themselves and their situation in life, sell more records and the like, it seems as if he has found the path that continuously flows for him and the band and allows him to have a good life and make a living doing what he loves and it seems like the kind of path I want for my musical career and life.

I could also just be reading way more into it.


Music Update #2

Having recovered my amp from its hibernation in CT, my frist day playing through it again yielded the first of many thrash riffs which will in turn destroy the general public.

Now this Thrash band needs a name and I can't think of one!

Today however, I must return to try out the new Baliset ideas and songs through the amp.

The Future Will Be Here Soon

Hopefully not just flying cars and possible armageddon but a world where digital music and commerce live freely and co-exist peacefully without the strains of the "Big Five" strangling the medium that is ultimately going to take over the way we handle music.

I love records just as much as the next guy, I love artwork, and I love packaging and I want to preserve that when the new wave finally reveals its true form.

But for now, all I can do is read about advocacy sites like this:


And then I can get involved and try to get others involved to the point where we take hold of the new medium and make it ours.

Radio Ga-Ga

After journeying in a car to CT and back to pick some items up from my parents house I discovered something completely disturbing...

All the rumors I have heard over the years about how radio stations are becoming merged into conglomerate corporate pieces of shit are really true.

Hell yes I was naive to believe that there were still a few renegade stations out there doing what they felt was right but now all those stations have been swallowed up, polished, and outfitted with an obediance collar.

Mainstream radio is dead...Long Live College and Pirate Radio!


A Thought

Upon much inner reflection...I am not really above utter contempt for humanity.


1. Its been about three months and without intending offense to my former bandmates, I have to admit that the novelty of being a free agent hasn't worn off yet. :)

2. Was reading a thing about the tunings Nick Drake used and it mentioned that he used a guitar in standard tuning with the G dropped down to F# on one of his songs. I played around with the idea and came up with some ideas that required furthur changes and so I came up with a cool new tuning for new songs: D A D F# A E or in other words an open Dmaj9 chord. This is kind of interesting because the tuning I have used on most of my other songs like "black light moon," "hesperus," "dreamflesh," etc. is D A D F C E or an open Dmin9 chord(with the minor 7th added for good measure).

Music Update #1

1. Went to see Destruction at the Middle East and was getting tossed about near the pit when I realized it might be fun to just record a few thrash metal type songs and put it out as an ep under a different band name. Maybe throw an Overkill cover on there for fun. Considering I have the two Baliset albums underway in various stages, the prospect of doing this seems unlikely for the time being unless I can find a way to sneak in a quick recording session to do them and get them nice and raw!

2. Started trying out designs for a logo with the intention of creating a nice simple symbol I can use to put on a sticker to start promoting the band and the myspace page. Lack of performing means having to resort to different means of promotion to get the word out and maybe secure some funding to finish the album.

3. In talks with Colin for booking a few days at his studio in May to finish up vocals for "A Time For Rust." I figure he can really get me some decent takes at a great price.

4. Am pretty much convinced that when the tracks are ready, I will take them to back to Zing to let Jim mix them. It just seems like the right thing to do. Although album #2 might be just be a Colin affair once I get the material together and ready to record.

Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence

I am sitting here questioning the idea of my work's "jean day."

See every friday they encourage their employees to wear jeans in exchange for voluntarily donating $1 to the charity of the week as it were. Now when I first was working here last year this seemed like an amazing idea! I mean there are like 2000 employees here or something and some give more than a dollar so the charities are really making out well here.

However, I was thinking that it might be a more beneficial idea to just to take $1 out of each employees paycheck every week and also have the bins set up for additional moeny the employees might want to donate. It seems to me that this would give the charities a more consistent and also bigger donation even though it would take away from the employee's personal satisfaction at donating in person every friday.

Maybe I am just saying all this as a way of excusing myself when I don't have a dollar in my pocket on friday and can't donate but still wear the jeans.


First Blog

Ok so here is another in a long line of attempts by me to become all "internet-savvy" and start blogging.

Truth is, all I did was notice that Neil Gaiman had a blog set up on his homepage and I thought that seemed like a neat idea.

So here I am.

First things first: I know that I probably won't have anything to say that will be particurally ground-breaking or mind-expanding but I have been feeling like I have alot of thoughts in my head and it would be fun to just post them when the mood strikes me and then look back at them and cringe or maybe even go "hmmm, maybe I am on to something here!"

I also may spurt out utter nonsense for the fun of it, or pass along funny stories or links. Mostly it will probably just be about me and the status of my recording project for the few people out there who ask me about it.

So yep...here i go...