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War of the Worlds

so i am sitting here in my bedroom...

i have been demoing new baliset songs on my computer alot this past week and a half or so.

my idea is to have the next album written and ready to record by the time i finish all the work getting "a time for rust" out by January and then i can book some time with Colin to get the new songs down ASAP so it won't take four years to have an album done.

i have noticed that my songs for the new album are alot simpler and song-y whereas on "a time for rust" i have a little more of an epic prog-rock feel to the songs even though at the core they are also nice songs i elaborated on.

i am not sure how exactly i feel about the songs just yet. i think they are the best and strongest ones i have done ever but am i being too simple with them? am i not trying hard enough to make them more interesting? or am i just waiting till i have the drums behind them so that i can let my imagination go wild over the top of them and make them sound way different?

i am not sure where exactly this will lead me but i am feeling good about this new album and the renewed vigor i have now to finish "a time for rust" definitely helps keep me motivated!

now i just need to get the finished keyboard tracks from John and finalize the vocals for dreamflesh and maybe add some nice instrumentation to a few other places and then voila we are ready to mix!

and then i set the mixing dates for november 12-16 at zing and hopefully i can get it mastered soon after that and off to the manufactuer for a January release! and a release from my mental energies as well!

i will try to keep my blog more up to date. i have really fallen behind the last few months...

ps. my current non-music interests this weekend have been nutella, the prelinger archives, watching alternative 3, orson welles on youtube, and listening to his original "war of the worlds" broadcast. f'n amazing!

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baliset update

finished vocals on three songs...