getting closer and closer!

as the news bit on the baliset homepage suggests, i have committed to a timeline and release date for the album, this allows me to feel confident i can get the album out on time because in order to achieve this goal and publish the date i needed to plan out how exactly the next four months will go.

i have one more tracking/mixing session left to polish up a few vocal lines still troubling me and tweak the mixes ever so slightly.

next we have mastering in december with colin which will allow me to have the finished project ready for pressing so that in turn leads to...

promos in january. just getting some promo versions of the cd printed up with the artwork for the cd so i can start sending them out and then saving up money to release the thing in march. phew...

not to mention that i am not allowing myself the luxury of resting on my laurels since i have two bonus tracks to finish at home that will be included as b-sides to the single in january, an acoustic album i am writing AND conceptualizing baliset album #2. adam and i have a rehearsal planned for sunday and i am hoping to demo the first new track and get that process going too.

its an exciting time but i am trying to keep my head and not get too stressed or over-confident and just go with the flow so to speak.



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