xmas post!

so it has been a pretty relaxing couple of days just hanging out here in CT with the fam.

also, and i hope he doesn't mind me posting this, but i was fortunate enough to have toby play me an advance preview of the new kayo dot album.

i won't go into a whole lot of detail or spoilers but i was very impressed hearing it. i was nervous about listening to it because i wasn't sure how i would feel. would i feel weird not being on it? but honestly, after giving it a good listen that thought didn't enter my mind. i really feel like toby progressed his sound on this one and while i am amazed by what he has done i felt ok being on my own.

it was definitely a cool experience for me as both a listener and for my own kind of mental closure i guess on my decision from a year ago.

but i will wholeheartedly endorse this album as i do believe it is an amazing piece of work and i think alot of people will enjoy it immensely and it will probably raise the kayo dot profile a whole lot. it reminded me of back in 2001 when i had this same kind of vibe about bath and leaving your body map. this time though, with a proper label behind it and some of the good momentum that was built up over the last few years i think toby will achieve what i thought his music would achieve 7 years ago.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

bath and leaving... are so important to me. The first Kayo Dot and some blurry vision incurring fungus made my 21st b-day unforgettable. Everytime a new album comes out I save it for when I can savor it and digest it.
How can I get the Baliset cd? I didn't see a link. Also, it would be absolute tits if there was any way I could get all the motW demos. I have both versions of the albums, the Kayo Dots, 60 Metos and Library Loft and I can't get enough.

You don't have to post this comment, but if you'd reply to andrew.bertrand@autoparkhonda.com I would appreciate it.


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