art v. ambition

i just sat through the special edition of the movie Dune. almost three hours long. and the entire time i was watching it i kept thinking about the idea of what separates art from ambition.

with all due respect given to the source material, as the novel gave birth to my long-aquired band name, i sat through the movie marvelling at the ambitious ideas that david lynch was trying to accomplish. obviously the special edition was put together without his consent and so i can't judge his intentions on it but i have seen the original cut and saw the problems with the way they told the story.

too much exposition, lots of inner monologue and not a ton of action. but at the same time it made the movie one of the most interesting film experiences for me. so i found myself liking the movie tremendously for what it was attempting to do and seeing faults with it at the same time.

so tonight while i watched i came back to the debate i was talking earlier about and wondering where the disconnect happened for david lynch and where that disconnect happens for any artist. he had grand ideas going into the movie i am sure and judging by the time put into the cinematography and effects he definitely was trying hard to achieve some sort of innovative use of the sci-fi film. but in the end nothing in the movie gels quite right.

so where did the ambition go and when did it decide to leave the final product or was the project doomed from the start.

as i type this i realize that this problem affects me too. i had a grand blog running in my head while i was watching the movie and couldn't wait to sit down and type it out. but the blog i am posting is hardly the kind of impressively well thought out idea i had in my head. so where did the disconnect happen? how will it affect other aspects of my creative life? has it already happened without my knowing? how do i prevent it?


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