one year later

its been almost one year since the kayo dot tour ended and all the craziness that ensued with it.

i look at what the remnants of the band are doing now and i feel strangely unimportant.

obviously toby and mia continued on with kayo dot and in addition to getting to record and self-release his tartar lamb project, toby also composed the entire new kayo dot album and from what i am told it is going to be very different but toby seems genuinely excited about it, moreso then i have seen him in a while so i have high hopes.

forbes is now booking a bunch of shows at a music space in hyde park and also keeping up with his own recording and gigging career and doing well for himself in that regard and getting more high profile gigs.

and then ryan, john, and tom have formed a new band called ehnahre and given the little bit i heard of the project when i recorded a solo for their demo, i was really excited about the project and now i see they started a myspace page and have gotten some extremely positive praise.

and here i am still plotting how the baliset album will eventully surface, these guys are all making me feel very un-productive. which means, i need to start working harder! i don't want them to have all the fun now would i?

i keep thinking i should post a blog about why i quit the band, not just to explain for anyone who wants to see it but also to make peace with myself on why i did it.

anyhoo, above all the crap that led to what happened in the band and above the different sides of that discussion, i have to say that these guys are some talented ass motherfuckers and to see them moving onwards towards really cool musical experiences and projects makes me happy.


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