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Since the blog is back online finally, albeit not in the way i completely wanted, i wanted to add a fun little idea I had for a post today.

Toby have had many music discussions over the years and one that always stuck with me was when I was struggling with being a vocalist Toby recommended the idea of actually going out and asking a vocalist I liked to guest on my album. I was skeptical but his idea resonated with me because essentially it is not about actually getting said vocalist or any guest instrumentalist on your album as much as it is about believing in you music enough that having someone of a high stature would actually not be a stretch and that is something you can do.

Its all about confidence.

Now of course I decided against finding vocalists for A Time For Rust besides myself because honestly I am stubborn with these songs. I wrote them and during the process of their creation I wanted to horde it all to myself because I that si what I want for these songs. They are personal to me and I want to sing them, no matter what other people tell me or criticize me on.

So onto the fun idea, I decided that thinking ahead for the newer Baliset songs I want to open up the creative process and be more collaborative and thought I would compile a list of all the vocalists I really would love to work with and maybe eventually someone will read this in the future and help hook it up. =)

Greg's Dream List Of Vocalists I Want To Work With

1. Kevin Moore - Chroma Key

2. Blitz - Overkill

3, Rufus Wainwright

4. Chris Boltendahl - Grave Digger

5. Mikael Akerfeldt - Opeth

6. Anneke - The Gathering

7. Colleen Kinsella - Cerberus Shoal/Fire on Fire

8. Dave Dill


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