the key word here is "organization"

i feel really good about the re-tooled melodies for black light moon. they are a little less hectic and they transition very smoothly and i think i will be able to sing them which is is of chief importance.

i am also planning on adding a guitar part and adding the other guitar and keyboard parts i have on cd.

had the jet fuel coffee at work today and it made my brain go all crazy and start planning what i should do for the rest of the album. i came up with some ideas and i hope i can make them take form in the right way.

a highlight for the weekend was sitting around watching movies after i got all that music work done. i got to see mary shelley's frankenstein which was way better thatn i had always imagined it would be. also Julie and i went to see beowulf in 3D which was AWESOME.

also had commando on in the background while Julie was studying in the living room. She was busying herself learning and i was busying myself laughing like a little kid every time arnold made some funny-ass pun before he killed someone. good times.

my brain is in a delicate place right now. i have been off my zoloft for a few weeks now, maybe even a month and it is not a fun feeling. i am planning on going back on them and also am working on finding a behavioral therapist so that maybe just aybe i can lead some decent sort of life without being the hypochondriac wreck i currently am most of the time.

for some strange reason the music of devin townsend and strapping young lad seems to soother more than anything else.



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