new demo day



now there was a band!

back in the 90's everyone thought therapy was like the saviors of rock music.

what a time for music!

oh wait a minute...i never listened to therapy...

now therapy is something i am going through right now and i am enjoying it. my therapist is not the type to lecture me about the mental conditions i have or the type to throw clinical stuff at me. he just asks a question and lets me babble on until he finds a thread to delve deeper into. and i do babble and he knows it makes me uncomfortable if he doesn't say anything and just looks at me and that makes me babble even more!

but it helps me think. it helps me ask questions about myself that i am not even sure i have felt like asking before and it brings up the fact that my condition is not something easily fixed overnight.


the nitty and the gritty

i am reminded about the work involved in finishing music as i have been sitting around analyzing the chords in my music and trying to figure out the musical explanation for what my songs do so that i can intellectually craft backing parts and harmonies.

its easy to write neat sounding chord progressions while in an alternate tuning using my ear. or just play the solo parts over and over and solo over them for hours until something sticks.

but this step of finding ways to tie all the chaos and happy accidents together requires skills i haven't used much and sometimes i forget i have. but it just takes time and energy and remembering theory to figure it out.