99 problems but a mix ain't 1...

now that i have the album 99% in the bag my brain is starting to move on from it.

with just the mastering left to go i feel like i can divert my focus on these songs for now since i have all the parts in place and adding that last polish seems to be an easy feat in terms of gathering my knowledge of what i need to do.

so in the meantime i have been diving full on into the next two things.

the first is as all acoustic thing i have been thinking of doing for some time. it has the tentative title of "to the king of all night's dreaming." it is a deeply personal piece of work and i have felt really right about working on it. the songs and lyrics came pretty naturally and i am definitely not trying to make some type of epic thing. i think it will be a good process to help me emotionally deal with alot of things that i have had going on that happened more or less after the a time for rust writing process had happened.

the second thing is already thinking about baliset ii. i am not giving a title or anything yet and i am trying to approach it more thoughtfully then the last one. i want to have the songs pretty much demoed as complete as possible before going into record. again i am trying to strip away some of the epic yearnings i had with the a time for rust stuff. the songs are shorter but i am getting a picture of the overall album and i am really psyched about it and since Adam and i have already started hashing out the songs it has been a pretty fun time for me creatively having him with me to bounce ideas off and then to help flesh out the songs that until then were mostly just existing as acoustic ditties.


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