Baliset: Touching Nerves

First of all, that is NOT the name of the new album or a new song or anything like that.

I always would imagine as a kid that one day I would be a famous musician and I was always "preparing" answers to questions that would inevitably be asked about what my creative process is like and what was mentally going on while I prepared songs and solos, etc.

I may not have had a CLUE as to what the process would be like but I figured one day someone might care enough to ask me and I wanted to be prepared!

However, no is really asking me and while I really am not sure anyone is interested to know, I do want to mention something briefly. I was working on a new riff tonight. Without giving away what it will end up doing or what the song name is, I will say that cranking the amp up and recording it and listening back to it at full volume and writing parts over it did something to me. I was feeling almost manic and transfixed afterwards, like I had given birth to some crazed beautiful baby that was destroying the delivery room and singing a melody with a perfect voice at the same time.

It was awe and destruction all at once and while it is only a 2 minute piece for one of my songs, it gave me the confidence that i really am going in the right direction with some of these ideas and gave me hope for this album. Not that i didn't have that before but it felt stronger.


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