Back In The New York Groove

I am sitting in bed tired. I have had a weird couple of weeks.

I got a nasty bout of supposed pneumonia which forced me to cancel a high profile Baliset gig, and miss work.

Then i went back to work and finished out the week with not one but TWO Baliset gigs and a guest gig sitting in with Kayo Dot to perform Choirs of the Eye in its entirety at The Stone in NYC.

I am choosing to talk about this because it had a profound effect on me. It was inpsiring to say the least. I got to hear the new KD album in full performed live and during the performance I had visions of creativity and sparks flying into my brain to help me write for the next Baliset album.

And it also was weird because i felt alot like Captain Jack Harkness at the end of Doctor Who season 3. You are teased into believing that he might rejoin the Doctor for adventures but in the end he tells the Doctor that he has his own team now and they need him and that summed up my feelings on Baliset. They are my team now and I feel more comfortable musically with them than anyone else I have ever played with and while it was fun living the fantasy life of being in Kayo Dot complete with a sold out crowd and exhuberant fans shaking your hand and making you feel larger than life, I missed my team.

I am happy with the success we have built for ourselves and if i took one thing away from this whole experience, it is that it gave me a focus point in my head for the next album.

But Toby and the rest of KD know they can call on me for help at any time and as a friend I will help them with whatever they need but as I return to my life of anonymity once again, I do get excited for working on where aliset my new team is going.


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