in the studio

it feels good to start the finishing up process on the album.

there's still a ton of vocals left to be done BUT since i am doing those in october we have had the better part of two days to focus our effort on getting the existing parts mixed so as to make the process of integrating the new vocals in october smoother and leave the project on schedule to be completed in time for my mastering session in december.

i try to contain both my excitement and impatience and i just keep my eyes on the prize so to speak (i hate cliches) and try to not get cocky or arrogant about it and just let the album fall into place on its own.

still as we sit here in the control room and i hear the individual tracks we have recorded over the years and hear the rhythm guitar i recorded in 2003, the solo i recorded in 2005 and the additional guitars and keyboards i added here in 2008 and i think about what the songs were in my head back then and what i imagined they would sound like finished back then and now how they are turning out now and its pretty amazing how they have grown and i am really in awe of how cool they are becoming and that somehow makes the five years and frustration worth it.


pre-studio jitters

i have told many people about this before but i do get these jitters the entire week before i go to the studio. will i remember all the parts i wrote? will i be able to accomplish what i need to accomplish?

there is added pressure this time because this is what will amount to be the last couple days of tracking and the beginning of the long mixing process but it also means that the album is nearing completion.

more updates will come soon...