i'll admit it...

i really am a sucker for cryptic mysterious viral ad campaigns for strange movies about monsters attacking NYC based on that weird cryptic trailer that showed before the transformers movie.

i must have wasted over two or three hours today alone looking up stuff online about the movie and solving puzzles and wondering if it will really be about Cthulu and then thinking i should bone up on my Lovecraft...


kitty shhhhhhhhhh

i am watching the kitty for a few days.

those of you who visited me at my last apartment know which kitty i am talking about.

having her here reminds me that it is getting close to the one year anniversary of getting pumpkin put to sleep.

i don't really talk about him much anymore but when the memories of that night come to me i get very saddened. it was just another in a series of fun blows which life decided to hand me last year.

life seems so much different now. there are still problems and issues but its like i am different person in alot of respects. i don't have a grand thought to come out of these words. i am just rambling for the moment because i can't sleep.

i believe i am getting closer to establishing a firm set of goals for myself musically.

i was checking out Toby's blog today and hopefully he won't mind me reposting this but when someone asked him if i was contributing to the new kayo dot album his response was "greg's not playing on this one.. although he's not disinvited or anything, but just busy with his own stuff and we're doing the guitars on the west coast."

anyhoo, i thought it was quite nice of him to put it like that, i guess it drove home for me that after 15 years of friendship and 10 of those years spent as bandmates, i was able to take the initiative to leave and pursue my own course in music while keeping a good friendship intact and that makes me happy.

now to just figure out what type of course i really am on musically and if the goals i am imagining for myself will be able to be fulfilled.

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