you mean its been almost 3 months since my last post?

well for starters i am busy. not busy in the working 70 hours a week sense but more in the "busy living inside my own head" sense.

sometimes i come out. i watch movies, i kiss Julie, i write new songs, i start a techno project half-jokingly, i finish a track in the studio, i go to england, i come back home again, i go to work, i come home from work, i find a new apartment, i cut out alot of my ties to the outside world temporarily...you know "busy."

but seriously, this year is whipping me pretty bad with its pace. the good news is that i am confident i can finish the album this year and also maybe play out to support it a bit.

if anything sums this year up it is the intense nervous feeling i deal with every day. there's so many things i could talk about but won't. i like my own head sometimes even when its a scary place.

i hope to bring better news over the summer when the album looks closer to being done but i need to spend more time finishing the tunes before i make that report.

"we're not away to remain away"