First Blog

Ok so here is another in a long line of attempts by me to become all "internet-savvy" and start blogging.

Truth is, all I did was notice that Neil Gaiman had a blog set up on his homepage and I thought that seemed like a neat idea.

So here I am.

First things first: I know that I probably won't have anything to say that will be particurally ground-breaking or mind-expanding but I have been feeling like I have alot of thoughts in my head and it would be fun to just post them when the mood strikes me and then look back at them and cringe or maybe even go "hmmm, maybe I am on to something here!"

I also may spurt out utter nonsense for the fun of it, or pass along funny stories or links. Mostly it will probably just be about me and the status of my recording project for the few people out there who ask me about it.

So yep...here i go...


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