Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence

I am sitting here questioning the idea of my work's "jean day."

See every friday they encourage their employees to wear jeans in exchange for voluntarily donating $1 to the charity of the week as it were. Now when I first was working here last year this seemed like an amazing idea! I mean there are like 2000 employees here or something and some give more than a dollar so the charities are really making out well here.

However, I was thinking that it might be a more beneficial idea to just to take $1 out of each employees paycheck every week and also have the bins set up for additional moeny the employees might want to donate. It seems to me that this would give the charities a more consistent and also bigger donation even though it would take away from the employee's personal satisfaction at donating in person every friday.

Maybe I am just saying all this as a way of excusing myself when I don't have a dollar in my pocket on friday and can't donate but still wear the jeans.


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