"25 Years Of Being Not Important"

I am constantly wondering these days what is good in this world about being a musician.

I'm 28 now and the desire to be some sort of revolutionary in the ways of guitar playing and sognwriting has really subsided and now my only real goal is to create. To prove that somehow, my music exists. I am not sure what purpose this serves and maybe my mind will change but right NOW this is what seems important even if the only person to hear it is me.

While we were on tour in Nashville, the owner of the club we played at, the Muse, let us watch a dvd of Overkill's performance there a week or so prior to our show.

Now I LOVE Overkill, much to the ridicule of my friends, so natuarally I took full advantage of watching them.

One thing I notice every time I see them live is that Bobby "Blitz" will always have some quip that he says that always gets to me. He doesn't just say random generic crap like most bands. I also doubt he spends alot of time thinking them up either. He just says what is on his mind and just like most of his lyrics, there is something interesting and unique to be found. I almost consider him a poet of sorts. Not all of his lyrics and quips are amazing(like most poets) BUT when he really gets going he really nails it sometimes. For reference see the lyrics to Skullkrusher.

So anyway at this show between songs he goes off on a rant about how Overkill was always kind pushed aside as being "not important" and then goes on to acknowledge the hundred or so people who paid to get in and said "well here's to 25 years of being 'not important!'"

And that phrase got to me you know? Here is a band who I am in awe of but who for the most part are overlooked and won't ever really get alot of attention paid to them when all is said and done and while for the egomaniacal musician out there this type of realization could make them want to give up, "Blitz" finds some kind of strength is this, a sort of full realization of his purpose and identity and has used this to continually work over the last 25 years. Other bands have come and gone and reunited and gone again but Overkill maintains.

It is like "Blitz" inadvertanly(or purposely) stumbled onto some sort of zen-like truth which he uses to manage his life and career and while I am sure the band is always looking to better themselves and their situation in life, sell more records and the like, it seems as if he has found the path that continuously flows for him and the band and allows him to have a good life and make a living doing what he loves and it seems like the kind of path I want for my musical career and life.

I could also just be reading way more into it.


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