Music Update #1

1. Went to see Destruction at the Middle East and was getting tossed about near the pit when I realized it might be fun to just record a few thrash metal type songs and put it out as an ep under a different band name. Maybe throw an Overkill cover on there for fun. Considering I have the two Baliset albums underway in various stages, the prospect of doing this seems unlikely for the time being unless I can find a way to sneak in a quick recording session to do them and get them nice and raw!

2. Started trying out designs for a logo with the intention of creating a nice simple symbol I can use to put on a sticker to start promoting the band and the myspace page. Lack of performing means having to resort to different means of promotion to get the word out and maybe secure some funding to finish the album.

3. In talks with Colin for booking a few days at his studio in May to finish up vocals for "A Time For Rust." I figure he can really get me some decent takes at a great price.

4. Am pretty much convinced that when the tracks are ready, I will take them to back to Zing to let Jim mix them. It just seems like the right thing to do. Although album #2 might be just be a Colin affair once I get the material together and ready to record.


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