so allow me to lay out all the baggage on the table.

i tell myself that i am going to release an album in january and i start pursuing means of financing said operation and i get met with brick walls. record labels aren't really interested in me unless they don't have to spend money, banks won't touch me with a ten foot pole, and the words of wisdom i gained from a small business development center is that i am so financially fucked at the moment that i need to spend a year or so repairing my credit before he could even begin to suggest ways for me to start a record label and release my own music.

but the weird thing is that i didn't get super upset at these roadblocks because they made me realize that i haven't exactly worked hard enough on this project. i mean i put alot of time into the songs but if i am going to do this right and put something out with the quality i need to hold myself too then i am really going to have to work harder and make new goals.

so i am officially in research and hibernation mode. the vocal lessons are strengthening my resolve and confidence and i am reading alot of how you run a record label.

also i found an awesome artist name eliran kantor who has sent me a rough draft of the artwork and it is incredible so hopefully soon i can display it

this is where i think i am supposed to find out what i am made of and how hard i am willing to work to satisfy a dream.

although this doesn't exactly mean i can't release "something" in january. we'll see how the progress goes!


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